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Building a Timeless Wardrobe is the Key to Sustainable Fashion

If you're anything like me, you probably have a treasure trove of clothes that seldom see the light of day. Who can blame us? Our wardrobes are like mini time capsules, holding memories of past selves and moments we cherish. But let's face it, it may be time for a wardrobe intervention.

Imagine having a closet full of clothes you adore, not just for a fleeting moment but for years to come. Picture a wardrobe that makes you look fabulous and contributes to a more sustainable planet. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, dream no more because it's time to turn that vision into a reality.

In this article, we're embarking on a fashion adventure together. We're diving headfirst into the realm of timeless wardrobes, where sustainable choices reign supreme and looking good feels even better.

Aurore Being - Building a Timeless Wardrobe is Key to Sustainable Fashion

What do we mean by timeless?

When we say something or someone is timeless, we're essentially saying they're immune to the fickle grip of time. In a world brimming with passing trends, pinpointing timeless fashion might seem like searching for a needle in a haystack. But certain gems resist the ticking clock and stay eternally classic.

Think about those trusty jeans that compliment any outfit, the classic white tank top that exudes sophistication, or those cozy wool sweaters that embrace you like a warm hug. These iconic pieces have been with us through thick and thin, standing tall amid the ever-shifting tides of fashion.

No matter the era or the runway trends, they endure, which sets them apart as timeless treasures. They’re the foundation of a wardrobe that stands firm against the test of time, always in vogue and never out of place.

A lot like the SS23 Aurore Being collection. Talk about timeless!

What are the benefits of a timeless wardrobe?

Having a timeless wardrobe benefits your style and positively impacts your life. Here are some of the ways building a timeless wardrobe will benefit you:

  • Immune to passing trends: With a timeless wardrobe, you can withstand passing trends and stay relevant year after year.

  • Versatility: Timeless garments are often easy to mix and match, making it easy to create original outfits.

  • Longevity: Timeless fashion is usually made from high-quality materials, making them more durable.

  • Cost-effective: While they might have a higher upfront cost, timeless pieces save you money in the long run because you don’t have to constantly replace them.

  • Space saving: Building a timeless wardrobe means fewer pieces in a closet you love. It’s perfect for travelers and minimalists.

  • More creativity: Having a timeless wardrobe doesn’t mean less creativity. On the contrary, it means you get to be creative in finding new ways to wear the pieces you have.

Another thing I love about having a timeless wardrobe is that it reduces those “I don’t know what to wear” moments. You struggle less when you’re getting ready, especially when you have the right key pieces.

What key pieces should I invest in?

You need key pieces to build a wardrobe that will withstand the test of time. They’re a lot like staple ingredients in a kitchen (I mean, if you don’t have pasta, rice, and spices in your cupboard, you’re in trouble).

But back to our wardrobe. You have to have a solid base to create a closet full of timeless fashion. Here are some key pieces you need:


  • ​Little Black Dress

  • Tailored Suit


  • Coat

  • Dark Leather Jacket

  • Blazer


  • Tank Top

  • Basic Tee

  • White Button-Down Shirt or Blouse

  • Wool Sweater

  • Cotton Sweater

  • Button-Up Cardigan


  • Skirt

  • A pair of Jeans

  • Tailored Trousers

  • Lightweight Cotton Trousers

  • Lounge Trousers

  • Leggings


  • White Sneakers

  • Ankle Boots

  • Neutral-Colored Sandals


  • Silk Scarf

  • Classic Wool Scarf

  • Classic Leather Belt

  • Classic Leather Handbag

  • Timeless Sunglasses

Once you have a solid base, you only need a few unique pieces to accent your style and bring out your personality. And don’t forget to keep it sustainable because looking good is not enough. You have to feel good about what you wear!

Why does sustainable fashion matter?

Sustainable fashion matters because we must safeguard and preserve our planet for future generations. It’s a movement that must be adopted globally before the damage we’ve done becomes irreversible (I have faith it’s not too late). And it matters because it concerns all of us, everywhere. We only have one home, after all.

Of course, it’s easy to think, “What can I do? I’m just one person.” But that’s not true. By choosing eco-friendly fashion, you reduce waste, support ethical labor practices, and embrace circular models. And most importantly, you’re leading by example and are influencing the people in your circle. Because many little changes can have a massive impact on the world.

Aurore Being - The Black Essential T-shirt - Slow Fashion

How to build a timeless wardrobe in 7 steps:

Now that we’ve uncovered the meaning of timeless fashion, explored its benefits, learned about key pieces, and understand the importance of sustainable fashion, let’s build our timeless wardrobe in 7 steps:

1. Raid your closet

First, you must take everything out of your closet and dump it on your bed. The idea here is to try on every piece you have (yep, fashion show) and decide which pieces you’ll never ever wear. Set those aside. You can sell or donate them to a charity or people you know. It’s tough, but you can do it!

2. Invest in quality pieces that last

Buying quality pieces doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune. On the contrary, a lot of sustainable brands offer affordable prices. Brands like Asket, Réuni, and Organic Basics are committed to sustainable fashion and offer high-quality garments at a good price point.

The most important thing is to treat your purchases more like an investment and less like a cost. Of course, it’s not free, but paying $200 for a sweater you’ll wear for 5+ years makes it cost-effective.

3. Choose versatile key pieces

Opt for classic styles and neutral colors that can be mixed and matched for various outfits and occasions, reducing the need for frequent replacements and unnecessary clutter in your closet. Choose key pieces immune to passing trends, ensuring your wardrobe remains relevant and sustainable for years to come.

4. Shop colors and shapes that fit you

Be mindful of the pieces you choose. Aim for a color palette that suits your skin tone, ensuring they match you perfectly. You should also consider shapes and cuts that flatter your body type. Whether it's the elegant curve of a well-fitted blazer, the sleek angles of tailored trousers, or the graceful flow of a wrap dress, each piece should embody a style and comfort that enhances your confidence.

5. Shop vintage and second-hand

Thrifting is fun and the best way to find rare gems. From cowboy boots and vintage earrings to leather jackets and jeans with tassels, you can always find things from another era in a second-hand store. Whatever you buy, it's unlikely anyone else will have it. And on top of that, it contributes to the circular economy.

6. Adjust your mindset

Most of us take clothes shopping for granted. We’ve normalized the act, making it a trivial occurrence. But buying clothes is a privilege, and building a timeless wardrobe requires a mindset shift. Shop for pieces you know you’ll wear for a long time and curb your need to shop just to shop. I know that’s tough, but it makes shopping much more special!

7. Wear your wardrobe & take care of what you have

A timeless wardrobe won’t be very timeless if you don’t take care of it. Though laundry isn’t the most exhilarating activity, it’s super important if you want your clothes to last. So, always read the labels and refrain from washing on warm (unless you’ve been rolling in the mud).

Last Thoughts

Building a timeless wardrobe is something you do over time. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to donate everything you own and start from scratch. You have to be intentional in your choices, adding pieces that compliment your features and bring out your personality. Most importantly, it comes down to looking at your clothes as an investment rather than easily replaceable items.


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