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Small-batch fashion designed responsibly

The perfect harmony between subtle and sexy, our collections are an ode to nature's simplicity. Made of natural fibers, our garments wrap you in comfort and evoke a sense of freedom and confidence.

Aurore Being Softness
Aurore Being - Serenity Black Boat Neck Bell Sleave T-shirt.jpg
Aurore Being - Serenity Cream Boat Neck Bell Sleave T-shirt

Our commitment to circular fashion is not just a trend, but a philosophy that drives everything we do. We know that every small step counts towards a better future, and we invite you to join us on this journey of creating a more responsible fashion industry.

Dahlia - Khaki
Aphrodite - Khaki
Aphrodite - Khaki
Aum - Khaki

Aurore Being is a Luxembourg-based sustainable fashion brand created by Aurore Brassinne.


The brand is a tribute to all things natural and a celebration of humanity. Its purpose is deeply rooted in creating timeless pieces that reconnect people with nature.


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